DELTARUNE Spamton NEO Retro Recreation

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DELTARUNE Spamton NEO Retro Recreation

Are you ready for a nerve-racking trial against an omnipotent opponent? This incredible game will help you to immerse into the competitive atmosphere of a constant struggle, when you don’t have time to rest at all! Your enemy, vicious Spamton is going to tear you into pieces unless you react quickly!

An abundance of attacks, limited space for maneuvers and the absolute absence of any pauses – this is what is waiting for you on this pixelated battlefield. If you seek an impossible challenge, try to beat the ferocious marionette and restore peace in the Cyber World at least for now.

Manipulating an orange soul, try to avoid the strikes by fleeing to the sides. At the same time, find a moment in between the punches to shoot your opponent and take a step towards the victory. There is no need to hurry, as the one who is slow and sure wins the race!