Undergarf: Bad Monday Simulator

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Undergarf: Bad Monday Simulator

Take a step into a dangerous realm, where all sorts of mysteries happen! However, some of them may be too dangerous to deal with without any preparations.

Bad Monday Simulator prepared a surreal trial for those, who are not afraid of difficulties and who are ready to oppose a strange and extremely perilous creature, who seeks only violence.

Gameplay Undergarf: Bad Monday Simulator

In this game your opponent is a ferocious mutant, who is a weird mix of two famous characters from different universes. Consequently, he merges their attacks, which results in the hurdles of an absolute deadliness. Will you get away from the ravenous embodiment of the fatal Monday that ruined a perfect week?

Although there are three levels of difficulty, the game expects only experienced players in its realm, as even on the normal level the speed and the damage from the attacks can be too much to handle. Your vigor will also be limited, depending on the mode. So, embark on this lethal pursuit only if you are confident about your strengths!

At the same time, the controls are surprisingly understandable, as only the arrow keys are used to regulate your poor tiny soul that is trying to stay safe under hundreds of strikes. When the wave is finished though, you may also check out additional aspects, such as healing items and praying for mercy. Nothing can guarantee you a victory for sure, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Increase the challenge to the maximum

If you already handled an insane battle of the normal difficulty, why don’t you proceed to something more extreme? Hard mode makes the conditions even more insufferable, as you get twice as less health and also not so many items to heal with. This will take you some time to adapt, but eventually, it is possible to master the game even with this scenario.

But for those, who want to feel the true spirit of this fantastic project, there is a special Monday regime, which is capable of fully immersing you into the atmosphere of despair and fear. Having just one health point, get to the final stage of the conflict and destroy your enemy, proving that you are not only very skilled, but also insanely lucky.

What strategy would you choose?

In any case, to succeed in Bad Monday Simulator, the player needs to consider their tactics, according to the enemy’s sequence of motions. All the strikes follow each other in a definite manner, so learning them makes it easier to determine the correct approach. Learn when it is time to move to the side and when it is better to stay still.

Don’t forget though, that you need to damage the evil entity, too! Cast the strikes to gradually decrease his health and utilize a special option to surprise your foe with an ultimate outbreak. Acquire this type of damage by praying and immediately use it on the adversary. Be careful though, as there is only one try! Let the angel cat bring you this opportunity and tear the vicious beast into pieces.

Spare a moment to rest

To give you some time to rest, the game has several pauses between the waves, allowing you to manage your resources, remember the next set of movements and to deal with the damage that you have already taken. This is not a problem though, if you have a couple of noodles or delicious spaghettis! Have a nice snack and fill in the health bar to a more or less acceptable point.

This won’t be possible on the Monday regime though. Choosing the maximum difficulty, don’t expect to have mercy over your reckless soul! The monster will be absolutely ruthless, so rely only on your agility and intelligence which will help you to avoid the injuries and to get to the final stage alive.