Really Bad Time Simulator

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Really Bad Time Simulator

Sans will have no mercy towards anyone who is going to oppose him, so prepare for a long, excruciating and extremely challenging confrontation! Really Bad Time Simulator will surely become an unforgettable experience even for those, who consider themselves professionals.

Gameplay Really Bad Time Simulator

The controls in this game are not so elaborate, as all you need to do is to control a little heart and avoid multiple attacks, casted by your enemy. As easy as it sounds, in reality this trial may truly break a novice fighter.

There is a practice regime for those, who are not so confident about their strengths. But if you are hardened enough, check out the extreme difficulty and try to survive!

Sans is quite a cunning opponent, so it is important to know exactly what he is going to do next to win. Although he has a limited range of attacks, they all include an unexpected twist which may catch you off guard in case you are not careful. Pay attention to every detail, from the motions to the words to predict what strike is about to follow.

Don’t forget that you have special powers, too! Soul modes allow you to outwit Sans in particular aspects and bypass certain types of attacks. Manipulate gravity masterfully and affect how the heart is moving or add some speed and let the soul fly from one corner of the battlefield to another freely.

Try out different maneuvers

There are many possible ways to defeat Sans, even though it seems impossible at the beginning. The game even allows you to communicate with your foe and listen to his no-so-funny jokes. This may not help you with the fighting a lot, but it will surely elevate your mood, giving you additional motivation to win.

However, if you want to concentrate on the process, you should watch every action thoroughly, giving extra attention to their sequences. Strike only when you are sure that it can be done safely, as only one mistake may cost your life if you don’t regenerate quickly! In the hard mode you don’t even have an opportunity to heal, thus, take your time and don’t rush things.