FNF vs Undertale

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FNF vs Undertale

Two renowned universes are facing each other in FNF vs Undertale! Meet the well-known personages from both reals and see them fighting in a fantastic rap battle. This time the rhythms will be extremely hard to capture and even harder to reproduce, so gather all your experience and skills to win this battle.

As always, press the arrow buttons as fast as you can, following the energetic melodies that speed up at any moment, challenging you to catch up to them. The scale underneath is the indicator of your progress and you should always keep an eye on it to avoid a shameful defeat.

In between the fights explore the area to encounter more trials and interesting acquaintances. Mysterious ruins and lively villages are waiting for you to take a look at them, so don’t waste even a minute and venture for another captivating and perilous pursuit.