Undertale Last Breath

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Undertale Last Breath

The last battle is going to start now, but will you handle two enemies at the same time? Undertale Last Breath is a game which will make you question your own abilities. Prove that you haven’t made all this way for nothing by defeating every opponent who dares standing on your path!

Gameplay Undertale Last Breath

The controls are pretty simple, but it is fully compensated by the delirious difficulty of the fights. Imprisoned in a small square that is going to become a battlefield, you will need to stay away from the multiple attacks that approach you from every side.

Move with the help of the arrows and don’t hesitate, as your reaction is a crucial skill at this point! Each contact with bones or lasers makes you lose some health points. Eventually, if you didn’t pay attention to the damage, your soul would simply crash! So, ensure that you have enough powers to continue the fight and spare a moment to heal, if something seems off.

As the game consists of three stages, you are going to have lots of fun with the adversaries, with Sans at the beginning and Gaster later. Each of them is incredibly experienced and therefore dangerous, so you should be perfectly ready for an exquisite confrontation!

Distribute your forces thoroughly

The first choice you will need to do in Undertale Last Breath is to pick up the route that determines your background. For the ones who initially didn’t want any conflicts, the Pacifist mode is available. However, the players who are into more aggressive style will appreciate the Genocide regime more.

Once you have picked up the approach, face Sans, your acquaintance, who suddenly changed sides and now he is your adversary. Find a way to injure him and convince him to stop, in case you follow the peaceful manner. Or finish Sans ruthlessly, destroying every monster of the underground.

And while you are trying to complete the main mission, take pleasure in the brilliant sound effects and musical tracks. They add up to the hostile and intense atmosphere of the battle and create the mood you need for the victory.