Sans Fight Simulator

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Sans Fight Simulator

Take up the greatest challenge of all times and fight against one of the most powerful beings in the underground kingdom! In Sans Fight Simulator you are going to oppose a hilarious skeleton, who usually doesn’t miss an opportunity to tell a funny joke. However, this time he is your enemy and you will be surprised how vicious he can be!

Gameplay Sans Fight Simulator

The main goal of the game is to stay alive for as long as possible by dodging the attacks and using various items. Following the rules of the original, you control your own soul in the form of a little heart that can move around the rectangle, which limits the battlefield. Using the arrow buttons, manipulate the heart, staying away from any other objects that appear there.

The longer you manage to survive, the harder the trial gets! Although, once you prove that you are a skilled fighter, additional tools will show up, making the game a little bit easier for you. You will be able to heal in between the waves and even cause extra damage to your foe.

Carefully examine all the attacks to learn how to bypass them right. There are multiple kinds of strikes, which include lasers and deadly bones flying all over the place. Move swiftly and try not to touch any dangerous objects! In the worst case, you will lose some part of your health, but you won’t die immediately. It takes several misses to be destroyed, so don’t give up and keep fighting!

Choose your way

In Sans Fight Simulator you are given a choice right at the beginning of the confrontation, whether you want to follow the genocide or pacifist path. Select wisely, as this determines further actions, both yours and your opponent’s. Click on the desired option and see what happens next. The game is full of unexpected turns, so there is no chance to prepare for what is going to follow!

The aggressiveness of the attacks will also be a little different, causing you to adapt to the rhythm and to look for a hideout quickly. The more violent you become, the more hostile Sans gets, so it is also important to maintain balance in your strategy and retreat when it is needed.

Negotiate and win some time

Even though Sans Fight Simulator doesn’t give you an opportunity to end the battle in a peaceful manner, you can still initiate a conversation with your adversary by picking up the appropriate option underneath. Usually, a barbaric skeleton is not really interested in talking, but if you are lucky enough, you may hear a couple of replicas and enjoy a couple of seconds of rest.

Chatting may also help you to discover some interesting secrets concealed in the game. What caused such a ravenous conflict and what happened to the friendly skeleton, who was always up to a new mischief? Ask him yourself and find out, if you don’t be destroyed until that, of course!