Bad Time Simulator is a captivating and arduous game that tests the player’s responsiveness, calculative thinking, and determination. It is renowned for its difficulty and engaging mechanics, presenting an invigorating trial for those who dare to take on its trials.

This article will delve into the various aspects, offering insights into its controls, game modes, levels, mods and special features, answering frequently asked questions to help navigate the challenges it presents.

Gameplay and Controls

Bad Time Simulator places you in a horror series of violent struggles where quick reflexes and accuracy are paramount. The primary objective is to dodge a variety of attacks while maintaining control over the character. The controls are straightforward yet demanding, requiring participants to react swiftly.
Players control their character using a combination of keyboard inputs. Here are the basic controls:

  •   Arrow Keys: Used to move the character in different directions.
  •   Space Bar: Allows you to jump or perform specific actions during certain attacks.
  •   Shift Key: Utilized to run or dodge faster, which is crucial during intense attack sequences.

Mastering these controls is essential for survival, as the game’s adversity escalates with each passing level. You have to grasp how to move fluidly and respond to intrusions with split-second timing to prevail.

Keep an eye on your health bar at the top of the screen. Taking damage decreases your health, and if it reaches zero, it’s over. In addition, Sans unleashes a barrage of attacks, including bones, lasers, and other projectiles. Each strike takes accurate timing and brilliant reaction to avoid.

Game Modes and Levels

Bad Time Simulator suggests diverse modes to cater to different skills and preferences. There is even an opportunity to face Sans as a well-known Papyrus skeleton! Each mode provides an extraordinary atmosphere, ensuring that gamers remain engaged and challenged throughout their journey.

The primary regimes include:

  •   Normal Mode: This mode serves as the basic experience, offering an equalized challenge suitable for most players. It doubles in difficulty step by step, allowing you to acclimate to the game’s mechanics.
  •   Hard Mode: Designed for those craving a greater battle, this regime ramps up the intensity with faster and more complex attack patterns. It demands precise control and quick decision-making, making it ideal for experienced fighters.
  •   Endless Mode: This mode tests your endurance by presenting an unending sequence of attacks. The goal is to survive as long as possible, with the difficulty increasing over time. It’s perfect for the ones who are looking to hone their skills and achieve high scores.
  •   Practice Mode: Ideal for beginners, this mode allows players to practice dodging Sans’s attacks without the pressure of losing health. It’s a great way to learn attack patterns and improve your skills.

Each mode features a variety of levels, each with its own range of trials and attack kinds. As brave warriors advance through the levels, they will encounter increasingly difficult scenarios.

Special Features and Frequently Asked Questions

Bad Time Simulator includes several special features that enhance the experience, making it more engaging and enjoyable. Here are some noteworthy features and answers to common questions:

  •   Adaptive Difficulty: The project dynamically adjusts the difficulty based on your performance. This ensures an ultimate confrontation, preventing the process from becoming too easy or impossibly hard.
  •   Customizable Settings: Players can adjust various settings such as attack speed, character movement sensitivity, and visual effects to tailor the fight to their preferences. This customization allows for a more personalized experience.
  •   Achievements and Leaderboards: There is a system of achievements that reward you for completing specific challenges. Additionally, online leaderboards allow players to compete for the highest scores, adding a competitive edge.
  •   Practice Mode: For those struggling with particular levels or attack patterns, Practice Mode provides a chance to hone their abilities in a less pressured environment. Gamers can focus on mastering specific aspects without the fear of failure.

How to fight Sans in Bad Time Simulator

In Bad Time Simulator, you control a heart-shaped soul that represents their character. Each soul mode affects how the player interacts with Sans’s attacks:

  •   Red Soul (Patience): The default mode. The red soul can only move left and right to avoid attacks.
  •   Blue Soul (Integrity): The blue soul can jump to dodge attacks. Timing is crucial to avoid getting hit.
  •   Green Soul (Kindness): The green soul can move freely in all directions. Use this mode to navigate complex attack patterns.
  •    Purple Soul (Perseverance): The purple soul can stop time briefly, allowing precise movements to avoid attacks.
  •   Yellow Soul (Bravery): The yellow soul can shoot bullets back at Sans. Aim carefully!
  •   Orange Soul (Justice): The orange soul can shoot bullets and move freely. A versatile mode for offense and defense.

Moreover, Sans has a variety of attacks that keep warrior on their toes, as he is a really powerful boss:

  •   Bone Attacks: Sans summons bones that move in unpredictable patterns. Watch out for sudden changes in direction!
  •   Gaster Blasters: These skull-shaped cannons fire deadly lasers. Timing your movements is crucial to avoid getting hit.
  • Platform Attacks: Sans creates platforms that move across the screen. Jump or stay still to avoid falling into the void.
  •    Gravity Manipulation: Sans can alter gravity, making it harder to dodge attacks. Adapt quickly!
  • Final Attack: Sans’s ultimate attack combines various elements, including bones, lasers, and gravity shifts. Surviving this onslaught requires impeccable reaction and pattern knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: How can I improve my performance in Bad Time Simulator?
  • A: Practice regularly, learn the attack arrangements, and utilize the customizable settings to find a setup that works best for you. Watching tutorials and useful videos can also provide useful tips and strategies.
  • Q: What should I do if I find a level too difficult?
  • A: Use Practice Mode to familiarize yourself with the level’s sequence. Adjust the difficulty settings if necessary, and take breaks to avoid frustration. Persistence is key to overcoming elaborate levels.
  • Q: Are there any secrets or hidden features?
  • A: Yes, the project contains several hidden features and Easter eggs that can be discovered by exploring different levels and completing specific challenges. Keep an eye out for unusual patterns or objects that may hint at hidden content.


The full version of Bad Time Simulator for pc offers a rich and strenuous involvement that is both rewarding and demanding. By mastering the controls and utilizing the special features, gamers can navigate the game’s challenges and achieve success. Whether you’re a seasoned fighter or new one, there’s always something new to learn and conquer in Bad Time Simulator.