Sir Kain Battle

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Sir Kain Battle

Embark on an unexpected challenge and face a ferocious cat knight, who is always ready for a vicious fight! In this game your aim is simple, but the road to it promises to be extremely hurdled. Left alone together with an experienced warrior, will you have enough courage to stay the winner?

Kain is told to be undefeatable, but you are here to ruin this myth and prove that nobody can call themselves omnipotent! However, you will still need to think about the strategy, as it is only possible to eradicate this fighter when you know everything about his weaknesses.

Try to talk to him and learn more about his motivation and intentions or choose a more direct approach and extract the knowledge from the battles. Act wisely and utilize your intelligence to the maximum, as health is not endless and too many hits may ruin you completely, ending your journey!