Madness: Fueled by Hotdogs

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Madness: Fueled by Hotdogs

There are no problems that cannot be solved with guns and fists in this brutal, but enthralling game! Play as a skilled fighter, whose only mission is to destroy all the enemies around. Your incredible power and brilliant reflexes will help you to stay alive and eliminate the opponents successfully.

However, before jumping in the middle of the conflict, learn to use your abilities properly. Run, jump, kick and shoot to go through the series of insane hurdles and reach the final point of your extreme adventure. There will be lots of traps and ambushes on your way, so prepare for the worst!

There is only one way to heal your hero if his health is low and it includes some pretty delicious hotdogs. Find a couple of these tasty fast-food and shove it down quickly to face another horde of heinous enemies with dignity and without any hesitation.